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ROSCBox is a monthly subscription or one-time gift box filled with items anyone in healthcare can use & enjoy-all packaged up & delivered straight to their door. Our goal is to keep providers going, re-starting their enthusiasm for their job, every time they open a box. Available in mini, monthly, or multi-month packages; cancel anytime! 

how it works

1. Think of a doctor, nurse, medical student, resident, first responder, or anyone who could use a pick-me-up, thank you gift, or a reminder that they matter!
2. Get their address (prices include shipping in the US!)
3. Pick the package that's best for them (is this a one-time 'thank you'? Or will they be needing a subscription to get them through the next few months/years? 
4. Include a note & tell us who it's for 
5. Let us do the work! 

  • We send a handwritten note with your message, some of our own encouragement, & resources

  • Each month has a different theme, but all boxes include snacks, items for home, work & self-care

  • Boxes ship between the 7th-10th of each month 

  • Cancel anytime!

  • Share using #roscbox, leave us a review on TrustPilot, & get a box for yourself!

benefitting you

In December 2021, Lady & Dr Glaucomflecken designed our Benefit Box with their holiday favorites with proceeds going to First Descents, their charity of choice! We were featured in their podcast 'Knock Knock Hi!' in March 2023

The April 2022 ROSCBox was designed by partners in medicine through The Flipside Life, benefitting Doctors Without Borders. 

In December 2022, Team #ROSCBox raised over $2k for food banks across the US with @HCWvsHunger


what others are saying

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— Message from a Mom who bought her daughter a ROSCBox subscription!

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~ROSC refers to the return of spontaneous circulation after CPR~

We are on a mission to restart the hearts of medicine, one box at a time!

We care & we need you...every single one of you!