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  • Who purchases ROSCBox?
    Many of our buyers are parents of students, residents & physicians. We've sent boxes to Program Directors, grad students, law students, spouses, military attendings, & many more. Nurses, PAs, CRNA students, medical students, residents and other healthcare workers have purchased for themselves, as thank you gifts for friends, or to help someone out when they are having a tough time.
  • What is ROSCBox?
    ROSCBox is a gift box designed for medical students, residents, physicians, nurses....any healthcare worker. We send snacks & small items that can fit in scrub pockets & be used on the job, in class, or at home.
  • Why should I subscribe?
    Subscribing is the easiest way to make sure you are getting a pick-me-up each and every month. Our boxes always seem to arrive at just the right time: post-call, a rougher-than-usual loss of a patient, or just feeling like you can't do this anymore. If you feel like you have nothing to look forward to, at least look forward to your next box! I am literally on a mission to stay in touch and keep up with you as you journey through this often harrowing experience as a healthcare provider. When you subscribe, you become a part of our extended family! I am one more person checking in and making sure you're doing okay (but not in a nagging way)!
  • Can I send ROSCBox as a gift? Anonymously?
    Yes! Please make sure you put in THEIR information as the shipping address. Each box includes a personal note, so it helps to know the role of the recipient. My note to a 3rd year student in clerkship is different than my note to an Associate Program Director, but the encouragement is the same! What if you want to remain anonymous? Great! I can do that. I let the person know that someone has purchased the gift anonymously and send them a note of encouragement. It is up to you to let them know (if you want to). I have had one instance of creepy harassment-level gifting....please don't do that! 🙄 Use this service for good.
  • Do you do custom design work?
    YES! Why use a BLAH, standard gifting service when you need something special? Contact me about the recipient you need a gift for and I can assist you to design something special. We have done gifts for Resident Award dinners, Retirement parties, Nursing awards and more. Email me at and we will create something for you!
  • What purchasing options do you have?
    At this time, we are only taking custom one-time orders. If you are interested in purchasing a box for a special event, please email us at
  • When will my box ship?
    Shipping guidelines: Boxes ship the 7th of each month If you order after the 7th, you will receive the next months' box (unless I have inventory left from the current box-then I can start you that month! I will typically reach out to ask you which month you want the subscription to start)
  • Where do you ship to?
    I ship anywhere in the USA. If you would like to arrange a custom box delivery outside of the US, please contact me.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    Due to excessive import fees that are often imposed on the recipient, we are hesitant to ship to Canada. Purchasing in bulk is a better option, so if you have colleagues that would all like a box, let's ship them to one address! If you have additional questions, please contact us
  • Does my box automatically renew?
    If you order a monthly subscription, your box automatically renews each month at that same time and your box is then shipped. If you have ordered this as a one-time gift, simply specify in your order. Custom gifts will not be renewed as we assume they are a one-time gift.
  • Can I order in bulk?
    Whoever you want to recognize, ROSCBox can do bulk orders! Please contact us at & discuss how many boxes you would like to purchase & where you want them shipped. Orders of 5+ receive a discount.
  • Do you ever offer discounts?
    All the time! You can get 10% off when you join our email list.
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