May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we are bringing out a major tool nearly everyone uses to get through those tough moments: MUSIC! 

I asked Dr. Goodknight from Twitter to assist with this box & he was so kind to agree! 

  • Snack suggestions from Dr. Goodknight
  • Gift card 
  • Socks 
  • Tie (Men)
  • The LAST month for chocolate! Summer is coming :)
  • Exclusive access to Spotify shares & music fun
  • Other snacks to stuff in your pocket on the go


Every monthly box includes: ​

  • Mix of healthy & sweet snacks
  • Stuff you actually need
  • Things to make you smile
  • Monthly Wellness Challenges (tag us with #roscbox)
  • Notes & Wellness Resources from Physicians, Residents, Nurses, Students, Patients, etc (PRICELESS)
  • Shipping within the US ($12-15 value)
    • We ship to Canada (additional fee-taxes may apply)!!!

ROSCBox: MONTHLY Subscription

Price Options
$38.99monthly/ auto-renew
  • Each ROSCBox is valued at over $50. Lock in your subscription status and lock in your rate. 

    Every box means we put a smile on the face of a provider YOU and I need! So tell your doctor thank you next time you see them!