Pay once & receive a monthly subscription to ROSCBox for 12 months! 


  • The recipient will get a box during the first week of each month for 12 months. 
  • Shipping included for US addresses (Canada additional $10/month-please note that shipping to Canada takes 1-3+ weeks!)
  • No need to worry about a payment each month!
  • You will be notified of upcoming expiration at 11.5 months and be given the opportunity to renew
  • Matching in March? Moving in June? Fellowship starting in August? We can delay and/or re-route your next package to your new address!  

12 Month ROSCBox Subscription

Price Options
$397.99yearly/ auto-renew
    1. As soon as your purchase is complete, you will be sent a short survey asking about the recipient and their preferences. If you have any questions, please email me & complete as soon as possible! 
    2. Let us know at least 2 weeks prior to change of address or requested delay-we cannot guarantee correction in less time but we will do what we can!
    3. We hope you enjoy everything, but if not, please gift to your friends! There are no returns or exchanges. 
    4. Please leave us a review! Thank you!