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Moab, Utah


Copperton, Utah


Upper Narrows


Park City, Utah

Restarting the hearts of medicine, one box at a time...

ROSCBox was created from the joy I found in providing treats & snacks to residents & medical students. I have spent the last 10 years working on med student & resident wellness & decided to put this idea into action when I learned of my own physicians' suicide in 2020. My hope is to help someone decide they want to stay, to try another day, & keep coming back tomorrow. 

I am so grateful for the emails, notes, posts, & expressions of gratitude from parents, spouses, & recipients themselves about what they or their loved one enjoyed in the box. I love making boxes created from YOUR suggestions-keep them coming!


I'm honored & humbled to have worked with Lady & Dr. Glaucomflecken on our December 2021 box, benefitting First Descents-we raised over $600. In December 2022, we created #TeamROSCBox for HCWvsHunger, & healthcare workers donated to foodbanks of their choice, honoring someone they'd lost to suicide. More than $2000 was donated to foodbanks across the USA & credited to our team.

Whether you get a box or not, please know how much you matter & are appreciated. We are so grateful for everything you do. We hear you & we are here for you! Keep going!


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